Tips for Successful Career Planning by CG

Date : 2017-06-16

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Before we start career planning with anything, you should take advices from the experienced people or you should contact reputed consultancy. Yes, Connecting Guide – a placement consultancy here to guide you and playing a role for your better future.

Here you can consider our best tips and guidance for your career planning:

Decide Your Values:

Simply put what is important to you? Do you like freedom? Working flexible hours? Do you feel that provided environment is good for you or not? These are all crucial questions that you must able to answer because that will impact on your long and short term happiness.

Know Your Strength:

You should ask yourself it is something that you could be comfortable and enjoy for a long time. Determine what a job would have been preferable that keep you satisfied and looks for that what you need actually.

Research, Research, Research…!!!

Too often people choose the wrong careers because they do not any information about existing field of study. So that you must spend enough time to research what career should be preferable and it will be worth it or not. You also visiting the websites which are containing the blogs that are written by people in your field, also get contact to Placement Consultants Agencies who will guide you through your preference.

Set Career and Job Goals:

Build up a roadmap for your job and career achievement. Can you be successful without setting goals?  Yes you can. But most of the research says that you can be even more successful through setting goals.

You should do planning for your better future. So you may consult to placement agency and find the job openings which they have. Choose the best one and go through it.

Career Planning Research Sources:

To find out the job opportunities using below tools:

Government or Private Job Services Provider such as local agencies, labor department.

Employment career agencies or placement agencies you can contact them.

Hope these simple steps can help you to get the maximum understanding with how to start career planning ahead.

Best of luck in all of your career endeavors!

Best Career Counseling by CG Consultancy

Date : 2017-06-09

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With this, the media is now flooded with advertisements of best universities and campuses and the crash courses of various programs. This sometimes puts a thought in their minds for where they can get best career counseling to achieve their career goals. To get a solution to this thought, the career counseling experts at Connecting Guide – a renowned Placement Consultancy in Vapi, have shortlisted some dream career paths for students who want to pursue their career in engineering and other fields too.

Students who have cleared their graduation or post graduation are looking forward to the Job Openings to which they were selected by niche companies or placement consultants during their placement drive. Those who’re still waiting for the placement are looking for career guidance and preparing answers to the most popular questions asked by HR experts of the companies. One such popular question is ‘Why We Should Hire You’.

By asking this question, they are actually asking that why you’re the best candidate of all others and how you can make difference to the company. Our Career Guidance Expert says that many candidates remain quite when this question is asked, and many give answers that do not satisfy the recruiter. But you don’t worry, as you’ve reached the right place to get your answers.

We hope this information would be fruitful. Wishing all the best for the future. Also, we would love to serve you all by seeking the best career opportunities in Vapi, Silvassa, Bhilad, Daman, Sarigam, and Umargam all over the Gujarat and Mumbai. Call 7046009832 for any query regarding engineering career opportunities in Vapi or send a mail at

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