Role of Placement Consultancy in Successful Career

Date : 2017-04-21

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Nobody can deny the valuable role of placement consultants in anyone’s career. Outsider company for searching proper candidates for employers, it’s termed as placement agency. Coordinate a job requirement with the right candidate is a key work done by placement companies. Both firms having job openings & job seekers avail their service.

Giving ads in newspaper or posting a job opening in a job portal is old strategy for finding jobs. Agencies don’t dependants on them. Placement Consultancies are the most trustworthy and authentic source of employment.

Recruitment Consultants contact job seekers on behalf of the agency in order to search suitable applicant. Even job seekers can engage with consultancy that provides the jobs and can help them to get their desirable jobs in required place.

Here are some good things to recognize a good consultant:

Better communication and interpersonal skills

Great potential applicant suitability for particular job.

Put the requirements and job responsibilities along with an employment at the staring stages itself.

Catch up the applicant subsequently and the procedure of recruiting process at interview rounds with the company and at least once placed to.

How Connecting Guide Consultants are an Advantage

Date : 2017-04-17

posted By : Admin

One of leading Connecting Guide Consultants can be useful mediator tool in searching a suitable candidate for the company. They have the deep knowledge of the companies and the individual.

Here are some advantages of the Connecting Guide – Placement Consultancy.


Connecting Guide have proficiency in their work so it is wiser than the HR Departments if the Company. Placement Consultants provide job service with the qualified recruiters and even at the less cost. Employees of Connecting Guide Consultancy have a better knowledge of proficiency in job, and recruitment practices as they work so getting placement of employees continuously with different companies.


Recruitment Consultants usually works on less cost in comparatively with the hiring best staff to recruit the applicant. Thus, employees can save their money related to the payroll system and get benefits from expenses.


Consultants have best and large amount database for related job service and jobs in any fields which require by candidates or any companies do have. So it can provide many jobs offers to candidate easily and make their best placement in required field.

Connecting Guide is the best placement consultancy in Vapi who provides job services. It is recruitment Agency, Job service provider, recruitment agency, and also has many jobs opening in Vapi, Daman, Valsad, Silvassa, Bhilad, Sarigam and Gujarat.

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