How Placement Consultancy Works

Date : 2017-05-05

posted By : Admin

All placement consultancy do is marketing; they send resume and find people who have the skills. Job service provider is intermediary between “organizations (corporate) looking forward to recruit staff “and “the people who are looking out for jobs”. They have two type of customer:  their Client & their Candidate.

In this process Corporate get in touch with Placement Consultancy to know about their charges or mostly recruitment do calls or do meeting with various organization for tie up and get requirements from them. Then the organization share the Job Description/ Profile Description of the requirement which includes skill and experience required in person.

After this placement consultancy ,team of recruiters starts working on the particular requirement sent by corporate, by using their mediums such as Job opening portal, Posting, References, Head Hunting and  Social Media etc. 

Later on Interview and selection process begins. Most of the time recruitment consultant also has to come in to picture for the negotiation with both the parties for their interest of getting position closed and to create income.

 Actually the aim of a Job service provider is to make profit on the work on which they are contracted to do and the reason they are into business. 

A Placement Consultancy can work and get better talent for an organization if they understand the business of that particular firms, then they provide superior talent.

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