Placement Consultants Hiring through Social Media

Date : 2017-05-22

posted By : Admin

Employment exchanges, recruitment consultancies and classified advertisements are now passes. Hiring through social media is in vogue. Nearly 85% of Indians rely on social media to gather information on prospective employers.

Recruiters, today, realise the hollowness of the traditional methods of hiring which essentially rely on a series of boring questions. So, it was only a matter of time before social networks became an important source of filling job openings amid fierce talent competition.

“Social media is like a goldmine of information. In the future, it will not only emerge as a strong source for hiring but also serve to enhance the employer brand,”

Social media enables employees and employers to connect and communicate in a more cohesive manner. “Recruiting through social networking websites is more cost-effective compared to traditional forms of hiring that include placement consultants, posting advertisements in different forms of media and participation in job fairs.”

The most encouraging discovery is that almost 85% of employees in India use social networks to get information about organisational culture, reveals a job site survey. About 75% rely on this medium to stay updated on recent developments in their dream companies. LinkedIn remains the most preferred avenue for social recruitment, with over 87% companies depending on it. Facebook comes a distant second with 55% and is closely followed by Twitter with 47%, reveals the survey.

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