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Date : 2017-07-05

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Finding the Job Opportunity you want:

You can get information and advice about which jobs are available from the website of Connecting Guide Placement in the Job Openings areas (Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Bhilad, Sarigam and Umargam) where we define all type of jobs which you are looking forward.

How can Connecting Guide help?

A connecting guide – Job Services Provider like:

Help in identifying the most suitable career for you.

We suggest and advice you where to apply for jobs. Also we help you to how you can apply.

Bulk of job vacancies for students who are available for instant employment.

Job fairs at which a number of companies comes and address the all students about jobs, career and employment opportunities.

Why should I seek help from Connecting Guide Placement?

Placement consultancy has experts who are used to helping people in your right position.

A Connecting Guide has good contacts with potential employers.

Where else I can find out about Jobs?

Your Connecting Guide Placements is likely to be your main source of information. However, you may also find out about job from other places.

You can contact your tutor who has may have useful contacts, especially if you are on a vocational course. Your tutor will guide you easily.

Use your personal contacts. Friends and even relations may give you an idea about what is available and what you would like to do.

You can look your local newspaper and also check out online job recruitment consultancy where you can drop your CV’s.

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