what benefits the staffing agency serve

Date : 2017-07-11

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CG staffing agencies are those agencies that carry out the function of recruitment and recruitment related activities for organizations that either have lot of work.

In either of the case the company often outsources the recruitment through the staffing agencies owing to their benefits listed below.

Staffing Agencies have the Expertise:

It is often observed that as compared to the employers human resource department the staffing agencies have a better expertise on the situations. An employer first has to hire a recruiter, employ certain positions to its employees, recruiting specialists.

All these activities are time consuming and will be really stressful for the employer whereas staffing agencies have already well dedicated placement consultants who have expertise in recruiting will do it in short span of time.

Cost Effective:

Staffing Agencies are quite cost effective in its approach as it involves lot of monetary expeditions when the employer hires recruitment consultants. By just giving a lump some amount to the staffing agencies all the other activities are carried out by the recruitment agency itself.

Good Network:

As compared to employers the staffing agencies have good network with people. If there is only a temporary job hiring or for sometime only a staff is required when the permanent staff member is on medical leave. During these situations the employer has to publish a job advertisement, calling for interviews, recruitment process etc but with the help of staffing agencies there is no need to carry out these activities. The staffing agencies can already make out through their network that what kind of person is suitable for the job.


Hence staffing agency plays a very important role in providing recruitment solutions to the employers.

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