Our support service claim to fame division gives all planning and offices administration bolster faculty (measured structural experts), including administrative experts, maintenance, repairs and resolutions pros (specialists and repairmen), designing experts, redesign and custodial staff and supply operations bolster. Other than lodging and foundation establishments as of now specified, our support service division additionally gives work force to base bolster vehicles, public security, morale, welfare and amusement, clothing, arms and natural administrations.

We keep on looking forward to associations and contracts like these, working and joining forces with Connecting Guide is only magnificence and past. Our bolster administrations subdivision involving specialists of the business, and consequently affects us to authenticate that we can enroll the best support service experts and experts for your organization’s operations.

While Connecting Guide is equipped to supply all skilled manpower you may need, just some of them are listed here:

  • Camps Staff Recruitment
  • Peace Keeping Forces
  • Logistics Support Staff
  • Operations and Production Support
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Other On-site and Remote Support Services (Infrastructure Management, Technical Support Customer Care and Administrative Support Services)
  • Problem Resolution Support Services
  • Financial Support Services
  • Analytics Based Services
  • Support Personnel for entire projects (all scales) from installation to production and maintenance
  • All other support services staff across all verticals